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Simple Hair Styles for Work or School

Ages ago, a reader suggested that I do a tutorial on hair styles that are simple, classy and appropriate for work or school.  Yes, it took me months to get to it, but I did not forget!  🙂

All of these styles require at least long-ish hair. I don’t mean to be biased, but I’ve never had short hair so I’m just not much help in that area. 🙁 However, I highly recommend hairpieces if you want to “fake” it.  I frequently wear chignons and other artificial pieces to create looks I can’t achieve with my own hair.  See the last two styles in this post for a few details and resources for synthetic hairpieces.

Side Bun with Flower
Brush your hair all to one side, then gather it up into a side ponytail close to the head. Use a cloth-covered hair elastic for the base of the ponytail (I prefer the kind with no metal!). Then twist your hair one direction and wrap it around itself as you would for a regular bun. Pin securely. I love to use the spin pins (link), as they hold much better than standard bobby pins in my slippery hair. My bun tends to frizz throughout the day, so I use a black hair net over the bun. Then I like to add a hair flower or two (or more!).

Braided Side Bun
Same style as above, but after you put it in the side ponytail, braid it loosely. Then wrap it around without twisting. This style will require more pins, as a braid doesn’t seem to hold itself in the bun as well as loose hair. You can still use the hair net over this one if needed.

Loose Side Braid
This looks especially nice with very long hair. Even better if your hair is thicker than mine, as it gives you that lovely Rapunzel look. 😉 Brush your hair all to one side, but this time don’t put it into a ponytail holder. Just gather it up and braid it loosely. Finish with a tiny fabric-coated hair elastic or a small decorative clip.

Side Braid Wrapped Over Head
You definitely need long hair for this one – waist length at least. Create a side braid as in the style above, but braid it fairly tight. Then wrap the braid over the top of your head and pin it with double pins near the base of the braid, at the end, and somewhere in the middle (six pins total; maybe more if your hair is very thick). You can tuck the end of the braid under a head wrap or clip a flower or barrette over it.

If your braid tends to frizz while in this style, apply some hair wax before braiding and finish with a touch of hair spray after it’s all pinned in place.

Magic Hair

One of my new favorite tricks is Magic Hair. These hair pieces are made of two wires covered in bits of synthetic hair, attached to a comb.  They can be purchased here for about $13 USD.

An easy way to use these is to put my hair in a bun at the back of my head (secured into a ponytail first, as the Magic Hair pieces are a bit heavy and will slowly pull the bun out otherwise) and then slide in the comb and wrap the wires around my bun to form a circle. Then add some decorative bits, of course!

I have a tutorial for a fun “clubby” look using these hair pieces, also.

Synthetic Chignons

There are also many styles of synthetic chignons available, which make it appear that you spent hours on a fancy style but you really just pin them over a plain bun!

To see more ideas, view my Hair Styles labeled posts. Every hair style I’ve worn on this blog is featured once under that label. There are 25 as of today!

Thank you, Ms Little Black Riding Hood for asking me to do this post.  Hope you enjoy it!

Stop Staring! Birthday Weekend, Part II

Click photos for larger view.

Night #2 of my birthday weekend featured the other Stop Staring dress I bought myself from eBay. This one is in gorgeous purple taffeta with a black satin bodice. The layered bodice effect is similar to a halter top I wore a few weeks ago, but much nicer in its execution.

I wore this outfit out to dinner with my parents at our local fancy restaurant. I broke out of my normal healthy eating routine to indulge in the most amazing filet mignon I’ve ever tasted!

I paired the dress with flesh-tone fishnets from, ruched satin fingerless gloves from Greatlookz, and a necklace and earrings that are also from eBay. I scored the jewelry quite a while back for some ridiculously low price like $30.

This hairstyle was just a chignon with my real hair braided around it, finished with two black flowers.  If you look through my Hairstyles tag, you’ll see that I rely on artificial hairpieces quite frequently.  Despite having very long hair, but I’m not masterful at styling it by any means (nor do I have the time to get elaborate with it).

What have been some of your best eBay finds?